Pembrookstown Co.Waterford
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We offer a range of vehicles for your touring needs. From trips around beautiful Co. Waterford and the Copper Coast with refreshments in local pubs to city tours of Waterford.

We can accommodate groups as large as 50 with our various carriages pulled by our majestic Shire horses.

Call us now to discuss options and possibilities.

Victorian Omnibus

Along with our range of carriages for advertising and promotions we are delighted to have a brand new replica Victorian Omnibus. These became popular around 1860 and by 1880 were a feature of most large cities in Europe. They were the first mass public transport system and paved the way for the trams and busses that we see today.

We took possession of this omnibus fresh from the factory in August 2012 and since then we have been delighting the public at the various events and festivals we have attended.

With a capacity for up to 26 adults and a choice of upper or lower seating we can suit everyone who whishes to travel as the Victorians and enjoy a wonderful view and ambiance in this fabulous carriage. The carriage is typically pulled by two of our magnificent shire horses, however, should the need arise we can also add another two in front for that extra “wow” factor. The horses are highly trained and extremely docile and their sheer size and strength, coupled with their friendly nature they are usually the stars of the show.

We typically offer rides in the carriage for a nominal fee but the Omnibus is ideal for branding or advertising with over 5 square metres of available paneling on both sides with extra opportunities on the front and rear. We are extremely popular for photos and generally have queues of people waiting for their chance to be pictured with the horses thus giving sponsors a high public profile.